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Australian Bushfoods Conference

Dates: 27th & 28th May 2023

We invite you to attend the Australian Bushfoods Conference to honour the First Australians who had a wide range of uses for these plants including sustenance and medicine; And also to support the growers and producers of Bush Foods who suffered devastating damage to their crops and financial security due to the floods in the past twelve months. We plan to support these growers by offering a reduced registration fee for the conference.

Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Courses - Years 10, 11 & 12

QCE is Queensland’s senior schooling qualification approved by Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)

QCE is awarded to eligible students on completion of years 11 & 12, Cert. II or III in a trade course of their choice with an approved training organization under the VETiS program

Students can work towards a QCE by doing English, Mathematics, Agricultural Practices, and three other Certificate courses, including Cert. II or III in a trade course of their choice with an approved training organization under the VETiS program.

Students obtain four certificates and potentially an apprenticeship by the end of year 12.

Pathways to Trade Courses

Australian Technology & Agricultural College links students with an appropriate approved training organisations to provide the student with a chosen pathway to Trade and School-based apprenticeships

Students can choose a pathway to Agricultural Technology, Automotive & Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Horticultural, Hospitality, and Information Technology

Upon successful completion of skills-based training, the provider can award points that are credited towards QCE qualification.

Higher Education Courses

ATAC provides Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, Diploma in Leadership and Management, and Diploma in Business to all ages after completion of year 12. Courses are available online or face to face.

Australian Technology & Agricultural College

ATAC provides a unique, relaxed environment, where students are encouraged to participate and grow their skills.

ATAC links students to approved RTOs to provide Trade and School-based apprenticeships in Agriculture, Technology, Automotive & Mechanical Engineering, Hospitality, Construction, Horticulture, and Child Care.

Students can be linked to other institutions to meet their career pathway.

ATAC located on the Mt Lindesay Highway, North McLean, Qld,4280, within 45 minutes of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.